Frequently Asked Questions

Why Create This Repo?

Consolidate, Remember, and Share. After using PowerShell to manage Exchange Online, I began collecting small scripts and one-liners for common tasks. Developing these pieces of code took time. It involved searching the internet and reading documentation then writing, testing, tweaking, and finding a place to save the code. For some, this is an enjoyable process. Others would like to find the answer and move on. This project was created for people who need to complete a task but want to skip the research project.

Can’t I Just Use the Exchange Admin Portal?

Sometimes. Most of the results can be found in the Exchange Admin portal. However, Microsoft frequently changes the availability and locations of settings and reports. Besides, why use the admin portal when we can use PowerShell?

Aren’t You Just Making a Wrapper for Exchange Online?

No. The recipes use the Exchange Online module to get things done. Some scenarios might require a script instead of a series of cmdlets piped together. In those cases, a sample script may be provided. Please review and test any script provided. Use them at your own risk.

Who Are These Recipes For?


The lone administator of an organization’s Microsoft 365 tenant benefits the most from these recipes.

Often, this person has other responsibilities and doesn’t spend all day researching PowerShell cmdlets. They need a set of simple, useful scripts to perform tasks. Hopefully, they can find inspiration in these recipes.

Will the recipes work in Exchange On-Premises?

Maybe. Preference is for the faster EXO V2 cmdlets. These might work in Exchange On-Prem but I have no way to test.